Young Authors' Book Project


Every year, 826 Valencia partners with a San Francisco high school. Students work one-on-one with a tutor to write short stories around a given theme. The Young Authors Book Project gathers these stories and presents them to you.  

Our latest publication, Never Forever Last, is a collection of personal writing about the visible and invisible parts of identity. This anthology contains writing from the tenth and eleventh grade students at the Academy San Francisco at McAteer. After Exploring Tommy Orange's There There, reflecting on themes and characters, and meeting the author for a reading and Q&A at their school, students crafted their own original pieces, reflecting on the people, places, and interests that are important to who they are. 

In the words of Tommy Orange: "When young people gather to talk about themselves, to share themselves with each other, there is power there. This book is one such gathering. So read on. There is power here."

Purchasing this item supports 826 Valencia’s free writing programs for San Francisco students.


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