True Connections


Uh-oh, you’re on the internet again. Don’t you know it’s dangerous here? Even if you use privacy tools, the internet throngs with hidden dangers, like a dark and silent lake where eels live, if both the lake and the eels were a collection of electrical signals, which, I guess, on a sub-atomic level, they are.

Better buy a copy of True Connections, a collaboration between 826 National and Common Sense Media that collects original cautionary tales, advice, and guidance by students across all the far-flung chapters of 826 National and beyond. These students come from places like Quezon City, Philippines, and Manhattan, KS, because the internet is everywhere, constantly surrounding us, unseen, like eels, if eels surrounded us unseen, and also if you could check your email on them. True Connections includes information on how to Be Smart, how The Internet Can Be A Resource For You and evidence that things on the internet Might Not Always Disappear. It also includes an introduction by Common Sense Media founder Jim Steyer and an afterword by 826 co-founder Dave Eggers, which cannot be said of eels.

Strengthen your digital safety game with the help of our students.  Don’t let the eels win.

Purchasing this item supports 826 Valencia’s free writing programs for San Francisco students.

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