Things You Should Know About Captain Rick eBook


You may remember, but then you may not, that while 826 Valencia is the most award-winning independent pirate supply store in San Francisco, we were not always without challengers. Specifically, we were challenged by one person, "Captain Rick" Rorabaccus. We found almost everything about him challenging, including his fashion sense and personal odor.

In 2005, we issued a collection of public service tracts detailing some true and worrying information about Mr. Rorabaccus. The purpose of these tracts was to inform the public, and, thereby, to protect them from shoddy business practices and unethical rope. The collection was released in the form of a small paper booklet and quickly sold out or caught fire.

While those texts are 100% accurate and we stand behind them with our feet planted wide and our heads held high, we recently revisited them with an eye toward modern tastes, specifically in typography and the depictions of Lisbonians. The result is the second edition, slipped onto the internet for your enjoyment and edification.

Don't be dazzled by big box pirate supply or name-brand hooks. Get the facts. Know the man.

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