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Dear Carl,

I don’t even know if you’re getting these. We thought you were in Tanzania, but then you posted a photo of you at the London Eye to your Instagram. Why do you have us write these updates if you aren’t going to stick around to receive them? Whatever.

We’ve published another anthology of writing by students in the Tenderloin. It’s called Veo Justicia (I See Justice).  This year we worked with more Bay Area schools, like Aptos Middle School, Abraham Lincoln High, and Gordon Lau elementary, in addition to our long-time partners like the Boys and Girls Club, the Cross Cultural Family Center of San Francisco, GLIDE Family, Youth, and Childcare Center, De Marillac Academy, and the Tenderloin Community School.  

It’s pretty great. I always say that every book is our best book yet, but this one might actually be our best book yet. It’s got a beautiful cover illustration by San Francisco’s own Brad Amorosino that balances the activism and causes that we’re all thinking about all the time now with the city and blue-sky imagining that we love. It’s got a memory of how compassion and connections help us heal, un poema de amor a novelas, a recipe for boredom, and Banana Man, the magical man. 

I’m not enclosing a copy, because it’s too good to waste on a fish who might not even be there to receive the package. You can order one online like everybody else.

You’re not the king of me,

826 Valencia’s Tenderloin Center


Purchasing this item supports 826 Valencia’s free writing programs for San Francisco students.


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