826 Quarterly


This is it. This is why we do this. This is why we polish peg legs, why King Carl travels.  This is why you were mopped. This is a collection of the most dynamic student writing from the past semester of 826 Valencia programming.

Our whole reason for embarking on this beautiful mess is to get young people in SF to believe that their stories are important, and to encourage them to share them with us so we can share them with you. This is tangible evidence of young SF writers raising their voices and expressing their visions, as well as our commitment to amplify their voices and make sure the world hears.  

Our most recent volume includes a dialogue between a star and its sky, an ASCII portrait of sadness, a biography of Carrie Fisher, and the origin story of a bok choy-powered superhero, among 73 other things.

This is it.  Here you go. Thank you.  You’re welcome.

*Purchasing this item supports 826 Valencia’s free writing programs for San Francisco students.


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