Mission Bay - A Magical Forest with Sparkles and Stars EBook


In March 2019, we opened the Woodland Creature Outfitters and Writing Lab for Young Humans at 1310 4th St. in San Francisco’s Mission Bay. In May of the same year, the stories, essays, and poems of our Mission Bay students knocked on our doors at 6am, long before we’d ordinarily be up, and demanded to be presented to the world.

“Pub! Lish! Us!  Pub! Lish! Us!” the collection of ambulatory writings by students in the Mission Bay neighborhood chanted.

“Urg,” we answered.

“What do we want? To be published!  When do we want it? Sooner than you might think practical!” the creative and engaging works of literature went on.

“Aaaawhattimeisit,” we groaned softly.

Finally, Meghan mumbled something that might have been “We recognize your concerns and will collect, compile, collate, and finally publish you in an attractively bound and illustrated paperback volume of student work.” The many examples of high-quality student writing cheered loudly and dispersed, leaving us to the gentle arms of sleep.

A Magical Forest With Sparkles and Stars is the result of that collective bargaining action. It contains 39 works of short prose, a beautiful cover illustration by Daniel Mok, the international space station, and infinite mice.

Comes in PDF format, for perusal anywhere PDFs are recognized.

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