Digital Backgrounds: 826 Store Collection


Sometimes you can't get to an 826 store. Sometimes you are dancing in Carnaval, or magma diving in Raikoke, or something, and you just can't be there. However, there's no reason for the people in your video conference to know that. This package includes 10 photos of various places in 826 Valencia's beautiful stores, so the other people in your Zoom meeting will never know you're surrounded by the face-melting forces that drive geothermic energy.


This package includes 10 high-quality images of the Pirate Store, King Carl's Emporium, and the Woodland Creatures Outfitter.


Purchasing this item supports 826 Valencia’s free writing programs for San Francisco students, so even though you could totally just screenshot the images from this page, come on, throw us a couple dollars.

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