826 Valencia has partnered with Buena Vista Horace Mann Elementary in San Francisco’s Mission District to create a writers’ room where we (826 Valencia) can support their (Buena Vista Horace Mann Elementary’s) students. Students work tirelessly (well, tire-and-then-take-a-break-and-then-get-back-to-writing-ly,) to create stories of wonder and imagination, of rainbow narwhals and No Peace Fighters.

If somehow you are not yet ready to buy seven copies of each volume (perhaps so you can build a small house out of them, perhaps inside a room in your current home, perhaps with a little pile of blankets and pillows and a healthy snack,) allow me to draw your attention to the following facts:

  1. The students whose writing fills these books labored over their stories four days a week, every week, for a whole semester. Witness this fortitude! 
  2. Titles in the collection include, but are not limited to: One Ostrich Egg and Your Voice, Other Imaginary Things that Do Not Exist,The Hot Sauce Planet, and The Moon Changed Me. Understand these topics! 
  3. The most recent volume includes a comely cover illustration by Sendy Santamaria. Behold its beauty!

Purchasing this item supports 826 Valencia’s free writing programs for San Francisco students. That goal must be furthered!


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