BVHM 2019 EBook bundle


During the shelter-in-place order, we got lonely. We got bored. We spent a lot of time thinking about the Pirate Store, and how the shelves were filled with books - shelves! Filled with books! Books stacked to the rafters in the attic! Books propped casually against other things, like we might prop a pair of sunglasses on a sunny day; as if at any moment, we might sweep them up and resume.

But we can not resume. Those books are beyond our reach. However, while flailing our arms around, we remembered that people read books on computers now.

This bundle includes four volumes of writing from our writers' room at Buena Vista Horace Mann Elementary: The Bridge Built Out Of Stars, The Night the Storm Took Us, I Dream that Narwhals are Dancing, and Lost In Time.

Comes in PDF format, for perusal anywhere PDFs are recognized.

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