Bludgeoner T-Shirt


We made this brick red, 100% cotton t-shirt to commemorate one of our favorite ships, The Bludgeoner.

She felt bad about herself. We told her she was a good ship, a pretty ship, a ship that anybody would feel honored to get plundered by, but she said the other pirate ships made fun of her. They were all called things like The Flying Dragon and The Revenge, tough things, things that struck fear.  She was called the Seabreeze. 

We called her that because sailing her was pleasant and refreshing and smelled slightly of kelp. We all loved sailing in her, and, because we loved her, we helped her pick out a new name that she could feel good about telling the other ships.  The name she picked was “The Bludgeoner.”

Don’t laugh, it’s helped her self-confidence a lot. 

Purchasing this item supports 826 Valencia’s free writing programs for San Francisco students.

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