Some things that bring us comfort in this uncertain time

Apr 22nd 2020

This month's newsletter is about support.

Usually, we write the stores newsletter with a jokey tone, because most of our clientele are pirates or hedgehogs or restless fish, and, honestly, they could stand to take themselves a little less seriously. However, there's a pandemic, and we're all feeling kind of tender. We could use some support. The rest of this newsletter is about how to do nice things for yourself and other people.

Reading is nice, and talking about books with people you like is nice. This is especially true when the thing you read is nice. For the duration of San Francisco's shelter-in-place order, all ebooks of our student work are free. Get some for yourself, share them with people you like. From collections of food riddle poems to investigations of borders in teen life, we hope they bring you the same hope and joy they bring us.


Warmth and softness are nice. This hoodie is warm and soft, and it has a hood, which helps us feel safe sometimes, and it's a powerful, vibrant color, which helps us feel powerful and vibrant sometimes. It also has a wolf on it, and wolves are cool.


Fish are nice. We're working on setting up a livestream* of our fish theater, but in the meantime, we've posted some of our favorite recorded performances.

 * fish pun!

Working to build a better future makes us feel better.

Intellectually, we know that staying home does build a better future, but we often feel restless, and helpless, and so we look for other actions we can take. We are working to move our student programming online, so that we can continue to help under-resourced students 6-18 years old express themselves confidently through writing. You can help build that future by donating or volunteering . Also, 100% of proceeds from everything in our web store benefit our student programs, so not only is that hoodie comfortable, it's virtuous.

We are feeling unsettled, but we are working with what we have to make a better future. We hope you're safe and well. We hope the ebooks help. Click here for a fish joke.