Introducing 826 Live

Introducing 826 Live

Sep 2nd 2020

826 Valencia's stores are ALIVE!

We know you can't get to our stores anymore. We can't either. But the spirit of the stores LIVES! And we have proof! Hard video evidence! Go to 826 Valencia's brand new YouTube channel and believe your eyes!

Now, we know that a power like 826 Live can't be unleashed willy-nilly. The human world isn't ready for that. So we plan to release two videos each week, on Tuesday and Friday. Here's what's coming at your eyeballs this week:

How to Cook on a Ship

You may be familiar with our series of How To books for aspiring sea voyagers. Well, reading is over. Books are for nerds.* Instead, enjoy the movie adaptation of our first How To book: How To Cook on a Ship, featuring necessary tools, uses for salt, and the long-anticipated new hard tack recipe.

* Just kidding. We still love books, a lot, perhaps excessively. Secretly we only started this channel to get people to read more books.

Reading to Rabbits #1: Fresh As A New Song

Rabbits, like many non-human animals, cannot read. Due to this arbitrary quirk of evolution and physiology, rabbits have been robbed of the chance to read our students' writing for too long! Now anybunny can join Woody and Zinnia (pictured above) in enjoying riddle poems by our students at Bessie Carmichael Elementary.

Welcome to 826 Live

You may feel confused. That's natural. The world is a confusing place, and we are trying our hardest not to clear anything up. But, in honor of 826 Day, we will release a 3rd video that might soothe some of your concerns. It's called "Welcome to 826 Live: An Introduction to 826 Live (written and produced by the 826 Live team, exclusively for 826 Live)" and it is sure to make you less confused, more confused, or possibly the same amount of confused but in a different direction. Join us and find out.