642 Things

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Don’t give me your excuses. 

  • “I can’t think of anything to write!”
  • “I don’t have any ideas!”
  • “I’ve drawn all the objects in my house and ascribed detailed personalities and histories to them and now they’re all mad at me!” 

I’ve heard it all before. Well, here are three prompt books, each with 642 different creative prompts you can draw or write about. Each of these 1926 things were invented by students of our San Francisco writing workshops, so they’re hilarious and creative and original and you almost certainly haven’t written them into your army of irritable household items yet.

For example:

  • Your dog has decided to learn a language. Convince him to choose French.
  • Draw a walking cookie named Bites.
  • What does Friday taste like?

Created explicitly for writing or drawing, but also appropriate for impromptu speeches, embroidery, interpretive dance, and other effusions of human creativity. 

There. 826 Valencia has solved your “ideas” “problem.” Buy these books and get back to work.

Purchasing this item supports 826 Valencia’s free writing programs for San Francisco students

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